• City HuntsFriendly competition while exploring a city, conference center, museum, zoo or other location of your choosing.
  • Planet Hollywood - Celebrity Hunts
  • Event Kick-OffThe perfect kick-off for a conference or corporate meeting. Start your event with a group introduction and destination tour!
  • Mission PossibleFun, challenging, high-tech, mission-based corporate hunt delivered on Apple® iPads®
  • Amazing ChaseExciting Amazing Chase with detours, check points and challenges
  • Buca di Beppo - Dinner with the MobCelebrity Hunts delivered at exciting venues nationwide!
City Hunts1 Planet Hollywood - Celebrity Hunts2 Event Kick-Off3 Mission Possible4 Amazing Chase5 Buca di Beppo - Dinner with the Mob6

SmartHunts® - Corporate Events - 30 to 1000 people
Scavenger hunt events designed and delivered Nationwide from our regional offices!
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Types of events: SmartHunts, Entertainment and Charitable

SmartHunts® are fun, challenging, high-tech corporate events delivered on Apple iPads. We invented the SmartHunts App that utilizes text, audio, video, and GPS tracking to produce the coolest scavenger hunt events ever!

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Smart Fun!

Experience our SmartHunts® with exciting videos of recent corporate events from around the country!

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House of Blues®

Our House of Blues Celebrity SmartHunt, your teams will participate in a fun, fast-paced, celebrity-filled, “MISSION FROM GOD!”

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